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La Charrette Village

Interested in what Lewis & Clark, Daniel Boone, Zebulon Pike, John Colter, President Jefferson and other notables thought about America's newly acquired westernmost village? Enjoy the west...before it became distorted by TV, movies and novels.

Location: Port Aransas, Texas, United States

A retired professor of Food and Animal Science at Texas A&M University, The University of Connecticut and Texas Tech. A cowboy in my previous life...never thought about being a professor or an author.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Lucky Life Events

Lucky to be born into a supportive family with a vision toward the future based largely upon hard work and education, I was confronted with a decision as a high school freshman. Local physician, Dr. H. H. Schmidt diagnosed the heart condition of coarctation in my aortic arch. None with the condition had survived beyond their late twenties. With a fifty-fifty chance of success, I elected to undergo surgery in Barnes Hospital in St. Louis on October13, 1952. Upon awaking, I pledged to myself to do all that I could with the remainder of my life. I was lucky too that Drs. Burford and Massey were one of the few teams in the world with the essential skills to correct the congenital defect. Likewise, serendipity presented itself as my sister Helen was in training at Barnes as a nursing student and helped me during those unusual days. Within a month of surgery, I was back in Washington High School - minus one rib - as part of the technology of the day. All these medical capabilities represented a long cry from those first years at La Charrette when bleeding and mid-wives passed as modern medecine. La Charrette's and Marthasville's first physicians, Drs. John Young and John Jones (a Boone family member by marriage), arrived in 1817.

From there forward I seemed to remain lucky, largely the result of obtaining insightful guidance from family, friends, teachers and professional associates in helping me make appropriate career choices and decisions. But the most lucky event of all was joining with Wendy Anne Walkinshaw in 1959, the arrival of children, Sheryl and Scott, our grandchildren, and sharing a rewarding and eventful life together.


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