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La Charrette Village

Interested in what Lewis & Clark, Daniel Boone, Zebulon Pike, John Colter, President Jefferson and other notables thought about America's newly acquired westernmost village? Enjoy the west...before it became distorted by TV, movies and novels.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Living at La Charrette

Living at La Charrette Village was unique compared to almost any standard of today. The title link takes you directly to Part Two, pages 43 - 163, of the 2003 issue of La Charrette: Village Gateway to the American West. This on-line copy is identical to the hard copy and will offer school children and scholars of history as well as casual readers the opportunity to delve into this aspect of frontier American life. By January of 2006 the reissued copy, La Charrette: A History of the Village Gateway to the American Frontier Visited by Lewis and Clark, Daniel Boone, Zebulon Pike..., will replace the the 2003 issue. An early review of this issue appears at http://www.kirkusreviews.com/kirkusreviews/discoveries/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1001350947

The material presented offers the reader the most completely researched rendering of their daily lives. The villages of La Charrette and Cote sans Dessein represented the most western American settlements for a full decade following the Louisiana Purchase. No Americans lived in permanent settlements beyond these settlements. As such, these villages protray an unequalled opportunity to grasp frontier life, to learn what 'Americanization' was really all about, and how it all started on the very cusp of America's new frontier. At the same time we may participate in the celebration of two national bicentennial celebrations intimately linked with the families living there. The medallion shown above depicts yet another view of life at La Charrette with their little 'barefoot' wooden carts and a typical bousillage cabin in the background. The commerative medallion was a gift to me from the Marthasville Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Committee of 2004.

To navigate through La Charrette the book, follow the instructions as provided. For example, the title link will take you to page 43. You may access only three pages in either direction from there, i.e. back to page 40 or forward to page 46. To continue in either direction, enter the desired page number in the Google search engine provided. Its a bit awkward, but pretty easy to learn.

Life at a typical frontier French village on the Missouri frontier is presented at http://www.ecarter.k12.mo.us/dept/elementary/fourthgrade/ccrites/frenchvillageassignment.html This site, and the one offered below, is especially informative to youthful school children. The following site offers insights from Cahokia and Kaskaskia, Illinois where the Chartran, Cardinal and Tayon families lived before crossing the Mississippi River to St. Louis, then up the Missouri to St. Charles, and eventually to La Charrette. Learn more of their lives there at http://www.lib.niu.edu/ipo/2000/ihy001217.html


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